Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd

Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. is Japan’s largest provider of city gas, serving more than 11 million customers, primarily in the Tokyo metropolitan area and surrounding Kanto region, an economic zone characterized by exceptionally strong demand and high growth potential. Since the establishment in 1885, Tokyo Gas has provided a stable, reliable supply of gas for industries and households, to support economic development of all, and ensure comfortable home environments and desirable lifestyles. Following the Great East Japan Earthquake, which occurred on March 11, 2011, Japanese society underwent a number of changes. Among these was the reevaluation of the role energy should play in society. In response to this change, the company released “The Tokyo Gas Group’s Vision for Energy and the Future – Challenge 2020 Vision” in November 2011 to serve as a guideline to lead the Group toward its ideal future form. Acting in accordance with this vision, the company responds to the needs of customers, society, and the next age while working to contribute to the realization of a prosperous, fulfilling way of life, competitive domestic industries, and an environment-friendly society. At the same time, realizing its responsibility toward society, the company maintains a state of harmony with the communities in which it operates and aims to achieve sustainable growth for the Group by ensuring to conduct management in a transparent and organized manner.

The Vision calls for Tokyo Gas to further step up its existing commitment to innovation, and to transform its operating structure and broaden its business base while maintaining its core presence in the gas business and the Tokyo metropolitan area in order to be better able to contribute even more to society.

Transforming the company’s operating structure means continuing to evolve the city gas business that has formed the core of its operation to date, while at the same time developing second and the third core businesses (such as the electricity and engineering businesses) in order to emerge as a total energy company group.

Broadening its business base, meanwhile will involve remaking the company into a global company group by accelerating its domestic and overseas expansion while still retaining its focus on the Tokyo metropolitan area. The company also leverages the natural gas-related technologies and expertise that the Group has cultivated in North America and Southeast Asia, where energy use is expected to expand dramatically in the future.  

The company aims to achieve a “2:1:1” profit structure by 2020, with half of its net profits generated by the gas business, a quarter by the electricity business and other segments, and the remaining quarter by global business.