Teruo Hioki
Senior Lead Engineer of Plant Diagnosis Unit
Chiyoda Corporation

Teruo Hioki is currently at a position of Senior Lead Engineer, mainly in technical development regarding destructive inspection and condition monitoring in operation and maintenance areas of LNG, Gas, and Petroleum plants.

Technical development project manager with over 10 years experiences for advanced technologies regarding the above areas. Business development project manager with over 3 years experiences such as expansion of innovative technologies against the Middle East Area. Specialist of acoustic and vibration engineering with over 10 countries experiences for site survey and technical meeting regarding environment assess and countermeasures. 

Education: Mechanical Engineering of Hosei University, Tokyo, Japan

From Apr. 1994 to Mar. 2002: Chiyoda Corporation
From Apr. 2002 to Sep. 2012: Chiyoda Advanced Solutions Corporation
From Oct. 2012 to present: Chiyoda Corporation