Sublime China Information Group Co., Ltd., founded in May, 2004, is the leading commodity market information service organization in China. Over the past years, taking “my information, your wealth” as mission and “neutrality, profession, concentration” as principle, SCI provides information and consultation service of bulk commodity market for clients, covering industrial participants, financing institutions, commodity exchanges, government agencies, media, scientific research institutions, etc. SCI serves worldwide clients based on the Chinese market.

SCI focuses on Chinese commodities in the fields of energy, chemical, plastic, rubber, agriculture, traditional Chinese herbal medicine, steel, nonferrous metals, forestry, papermaking, building materials, animal husbandry, fishery, and renewable resources, etc. Primary services are provided in the forms of instant news, data, regular reports, customized reports, value-added services, brand services, etc. There are 800 analysts among the total staff number of 1,500. The subordinate branches spread from domestic regions such as Shandong, Xiamen to Missouri in the U.S.

SCI takes root in industry, insists third-party standpoint over the past years, devotes itself to monitoring bulk commodity prices which can trace back to 20 years ago, sets up scientific, systematic and accurate database, and originally creates SCI Price Assessment Standard (SPAS), establishes market research centers, gathers elites, guides industrial standardization and explores development directions…

SCI initiated a new ten-year strategic planning of “SCI Benchmark Price, the One to Trust for Commodities” in 2015, presenting SCI’s abundant data and industrial experience by perceptual intuition. SCI can assure originality and accuracy of all information and data released since 2004, and can trace the sources.

By far, SCI has 673 professional product websites, covering nearly ten thousand categories; 3,500,000 registered users, among which 287 are among the world top 500 enterprises; 50,000 information-acquisition sites around the world; more than 70,000 pieces of original information are released per day; daily click volume for SCI website averages at 4,300,000, ranking the 1st among Chinese websites of the same industry.