Rim Intelligence

Since its inauguration in February 1984 to cover oil markets in the Pacific Rim, as inferred from its name, we at Rim Intelligence have been providing quality information worldwide on energy markets in a swift and timely manner, and from a fair and neutral standpoint. Based on accurate information obtained through our own established methods of market survey and in accordance with our editing policy, we provide price assessments of various energy markets including crude, petroleum products, LNG, LPG and petrochemicals after conducting thorough research of traded prices in the market. We are the only company in Japan providing such a service.

The purpose of price assessment is to increase transparency by indicating to players in the energy market price levels at which deals could be concluded, so that players could progress with their trades at reasonable prices. Our role is to provide a price index to ensure that trades are conducted smoothly without buyers feeling that they have bought at a high price or sellers perceiving that they have sold at a low price. We believe that this will help stimulate a healthy market economy.