Mohamed Arab
Senior Geologist

Mohamed Arab is a senior Geoscientist at SONATRACH (Algerian Oil Company) since 22 years, he has worked as a geologist in prospect generation and then he joined regional studies direction at Exploration Division where he focused on Geochemistry and basin modelling studies. He realized the first report about the shale gas evaluation and resources of the Saharan basins and he was distinguished with a third rated presentation in the framework of the shale gas world at Warsaw, on 2009. On June 2016, he completed a Ph D. thesis with USTHB and UBO-IUEM/Brest University on geological model and petroleum systems of the Algerian margin and deep offshore basin. He was also involved in several projects conducted in partnership with major oil companies. Currently he is working as a team leader in domestic projects such as resources assessment of the southwest Saharan basins and petroleum system analysis of the eastern offshore basin.