Kohei Akaku
Specialist (Geochemistry)
Japan Petroleum Exploration Co., Ltd (JAPEX)

Kohei Akaku is currently a specialist in geochemistry in Research Center of Japan Petroleum Exploration Company Limited (JAPEX), here in Chiba. He graduated in 1983 from Ehime University with a Degree in Earth Sciences. He joined JAPEX in 1983 and worked for geothermal projects in JAPEX and in New Energy and Industrial technology Development Organization (NEDO) from 1984 through 2000. His research has focused on fluid-mineral equilibria in high temperature geothermal systems and scaling problems in the facilities. 

He has been involved in the geological carbon dioxide storage project from 2004 through 2016. He has studied the simulation for long-term CO2 behavior, geochemical reactions between CO2-water-minerals and capillary sealing efficiency of cap rock, as a senior manager. His present research focuses on mineral-fluid reactions in acid stimulation for oil and gas wells. In addition, he has contributed to the geochemical studies for geothermal energy development.