KCI Publishing

The KCI Media and Information Group

KCI Publishing is a privately owned, technology-driven media and information group. The word ‘KCI’ stands for Knowledge, Communication and Information – the building blocks of the company’s business model – namely, collating and refining data that is disseminated via unique communications channels to provide community members with rapid access to valuable and applicable knowledge. The group is a market leader in processing and delivering technical information with high added value for the global flow control, stainless steels and exotic alloys, and pump communities working in the process industries. 
Since its foundation in The Netherlands in 1989, KCI has enjoyed a healthy annual growth of about 20%. It has further offices in Germany, China, Canada, and Rio de Janeiro, and a new office will be opened in India in 2017. Each office has its own network of editors. Staff provides a full suite of media products and services, including printed publications, online platforms, face-to-face events and research & intelligence activities. Today, KCI numbers 80-plus employees representing more than twenty-eight different nationalities. The unique combination of a multi-cultural staff plus a multi-media concept means KCI is ideally positioned to work alongside clients both large and small, understand their unique needs, and develop solutions that deliver real and lasting benefits.

KCI brands which have enjoyed world-wide recognition for many years include Stainless Steel World, Valve World, Managing Aging Plants and Pump Engineer. In addition to standard English (British, American, Indian), many products are available in German, Mandarin, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese. All such publications are produced by native speakers using local and global content to better reflect the needs of the regional communities.

The company’s clients include manufacturers, distributors, engineering companies and end users active in the process industries, such as chemicals, engineering & contracting, food & beverage, LNG, marine, nuclear, offshore & onshore, oil & gas, power generation, refineries, severe service, and water & wastewater.

Every day, KCI editors keep their finger on the pulse of technological developments that are relevant to professionals working with valves and actuators, stainless steels, and pumps. Also of interest is our publication Managing Aging Plants that deals with all topics related to keeping aging industrial facilities in good shape. Four themes of this topic being: maintenance, materials, safety, and future solutions. All information is assessed, collected, evaluated and edited, ready to be disseminated to our communities. However, unlike traditional publications, the content is carefully fed into the most appropriate media channels, which enables individual community members to access exactly the type of information they need, when they need it, and in the format they prefer.

In a world that is constantly in motion, KCI closely monitors trends, ideas and shifts in the market. Even before new regions or technical opportunities have fully emerged KCI is in communication with stakeholders to assess their communication and information needs. And, being independent, KCI can very quickly allocate staff and resources to convert plans into tangible products and services worldwide.