Indonesian Petroleum Association

The Indonesian Petroleum Association (IPA) is a non-profit organization founded in 1971 and represents the key players in the oil and gas industry in Indonesia. Currently, the IPA have 47 Company Members, 118 Associate Members, and almost 1000 Industry Professional members.

IPA Company Members are those companies who hold a percentage working interest in petroleum and/or geothermal rights within Indonesia. The IPA Associate Members are the organizations that are associated with petroleum and/or geothermal industries in Indonesia, including petroleum service companies and similar organizations, educational institutes and non-profit organizations involved in the petroleum industry.

The IPA Board of Directors consists of 13 Directors that come from several major oil and gas companies operating in Indonesia. They are elected annually by all the IPA Company Members.

Our mission is to be the voice of the upstream oil and gas industry in Indonesia and to work collaboratively with all stakeholders to promote the industry for the benefit of government, investors, communities, employees, customers and the environment.

In addition, the IPA is a forum for its members and future investors to exchange knowledge, ideas and experiences to advance the development of Indonesia’s oil and gas industry. We promote continuing education and knowledge transfer to contribute to the national capacity development through technical courses, workshops, field trips and the annual IPA Convention.

We will hold the 41st Convention & Exhibition 2017 on May 17-19, 2017, with this year’s theme “Accelerating Reform to Re-Attract Investment to Meet the Economic Growth Target”. This year, the IPA Convention and Exhibition will bring policy makers, regulators, experts, investors, operators, and supporting sectors together to exchange ideas, view advanced technologies and partner together for future investment in Indonesia. Visit for details of event.