Gowri Krishnamurthy
Senior Principal Research Engineer
Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.

Dr. Gowri Krishnamurthy is a Research Engineer in the LNG Process Technology group at Air Products.  She has participated in the development of liquefaction process cycles and heat exchanger designs for several LNG projects, including both land-based and floating LNG, and has also participated in plant performance tests.  Dr. Krishnamurthy is actively involved in various R&D initiatives for the development of new and improved natural gas liquefaction processes and heat exchanger designs, and is an inventor on thirteen patent applications.  In addition, Dr. Krishnamurthy is responsible for intellectual property strategy and development for the LNG business at Air Products and is a registered patent agent with the US patent office.  Dr. Krishnamurthy also has experience in R&D across various technical areas such as reaction engineering, adsorption, and renewable energy.  She obtained a BS in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) – Chennai and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University.