Berend Groeneveld
Managing Director
InterDam BV

Berend is actively involved in developing and executing the 2020 vision of InterDam. With a strong focus on customer demands. In our business clients have but 1 goal: risk mitigation. As a specialist supplier of blast and fire resistant walls, doors and windows, we have to make absolutely sure that all products are fully certified and fit for purpose. Nobody wants multimillion $ projects rejected by end client due to lack of certification or failure of field tests. Our clients are happy to pay a little extra in order to be assured this risk is mitigated. However, due to our fit for purpose solutions, quite often our clients end up with top quality solutions, achieved at a competitive price as we have the highest number of fully certified products to cherry pick specific safe and simple fit for purpose solutions. Clients require to be open minded and rethink their engineering strategy in an early design phase, in order to allow these optimized solutions to be put to the maximum benefit of the project budget and planning. That is what keeps me happily busy and travelling around the globe.