Based in the Philippines, AG&P is a global leader in infrastructure solutions, delivering cutting-edge modularized products and support services to vessels, projects and plants for the energy, resources and industrial sectors. From its state-of-the-art facilities that span 150 hectares, each with its own deep-water port, AG&P modularizes infrastructure for refineries, LNG export and import facilities, power, petrochemical, and mining plants, building dense and complex modules of up to 125,000 tons each year.


AG&P is now at the forefront of the LNG infrastructure evolution providing tolled gas to our customers via integrated LNG receiving terminals and the supply chains that emanate from them. From sourcing gas to last-mile delivery, AG&P is the unique integrator that brings all parties together to drive projects that deliver economic value.  We design, manufacture, finance, charter, lease, operate and maintain regasification and storage terminals, LNG transportation vessels and demand-stimulated assets.