Adnan Ezzarhouni
General Manager,
GTT China

Adnan  Ezzarhouni  has  contributed  to  the  development  of  GTT  since  2001  and  currently  serves  as General Manager of GTT China. 
Before assuming this position, he occupied various posts in GTT, including Designer, Project Engineer, Project  Leader  and  Business  Development  Manager, in   the  Technical,  Innovation  and  Commercial Divisions. 

He  spent  4  years  as  Project  Leader  in  charge  of  the development  of  the  new  generation  of Membrane Full Integrity Containment System for onshore tanks, and was published as Author or Co-Author of ensuing patents.  

In  2014,  Adnan  also  led  the  new  Ethane  shipping  market  with  the  development  of  the  world’s  first VLECs (Very Large Ethane Carriers) that will begin operation in 2017.

Adnan  holds  a  Mechanical  Engineering  degree  and  a  Master’s  Degree  in  International  Operation Management.  He  recently  completed  an  Executive  MBA  at  French  Business  School HEC.  Adnan  is also a Principal member of the LNG standard NFPA59a.