Marubeni, founded in 1858, is involved in the handling of products and provision of services in a broad range of sectors. 

These areas encompass importing and exporting, as well as transactions in the Japanese market, related to energy, metals and mineral resources, food materials, food products, textiles, materials, pulp and paper, chemicals, transportation machinery, and includes offshore trading.

The company's activities also extend to power projects and infrastructure, plants and industrial machinery, finance, logistics and information industry, and real estate development and construction. 

Additionally, Marubeni conducts business investment, development and management on a global level.

Marubeni consists of the following five groups:

1.    Energy & Metals Group

The Energy & Metals Group is engaged in the stable and efficient supply of resources through our wide-ranging value chain from the exploration and production business to the trading and marketing business. Through investment and trading activities, we are able to establish a flexible structure, which easily adapts to changing business environments.

2.    Power Projects & Plant Group

The Power Projects & Plant Group takes part in developing the infrastructure that forms the foundations for societies and economies around the world. Specific areas of operation include power plants, water and wastewater facilities, oil & gas production and transportation, industrial plants, and transportation systems. Business activities are advancing in these fields while exercising Marubeni’s strengths in terms of project management and fund procurement.

3.    Food & Consumer Products Group

The Food & Consumer Products Group develops its business in a wide range of fields related to the food, clothing, and shelter that are indispensable to our daily lives, and its operations spread from the upstream to the downstream areas of these fields. This business group strives to create new businesses by incorporating various lifestyle changes.

4.    Chemical & Forest Products Group

Operating primarily in the chemical, forest products, and building & construction materials fields, the Chemical & Forest Products Group provides a wide range of industries with raw and basic materials. In this business group, agricultural material retail business has been consolidated into the Agri-Input Business Division, which is forming the foundation for Marubeni’s agriculture businesses.

5.    Transportation & Industrial Machinery Group

The Transportation & Industrial Machinery Group has a wide range of businesses that include operations of aircraft, ships, automobiles and related leasing, and construction and industrial machinery. While strengthening existing trading, sales, and other operations, we also actively invest in new businesses that ensure stable earnings bases, such as the aircraft operating lease business.