JERA Co., Inc.

JERA Co., Inc. (“JERA”) was established on April 30, 2015 through a comprehensive alliance between Tokyo Electric Power Company (“TEPCO”) and Chubu Electric Power Company (“Chubu Electric”) encompassing the entire energy supply chain from upstream fuel investment and fuel procurement through power generation. JERA succeeded to its parent companies’ fuel and overseas power generation businesses in July 2016 and aims to become one of the world’s leading energy firms.

JERA’s mission is to contribute to better the lives of people and bring greater vitality to economies and industries not only in Japan but also all over the world, through the globally competitive supply of power and energy.

JERA will broaden the scope of its business through strategic investment and the integration of value chains. It will also pursue optimization of the value chain leading from fuel procurement through fuel trading to thermal power plant operation by leveraging the expertise of TEPCO and Chubu Electric to expand its businesses in these areas.

In the fuel business, JERA’s LNG and coal offtake volume is now one of the largest in the world. Going forward, JERA will build a balanced portfolio by leveraging its world top-class procurement volume while diversifying by region, contract term and price index. JERA will also aggressively support projects related to innovation in the areas of production and transportation, as well as marketing innovations such as price formulas and flexibility, through robust offtake and participation in such projects.

Demand for LNG is expected to grow mainly in Asia. JERA will invest strategically in upstream businesses based on the outlook for future supply and demand, and establish a new business model for trading and sales to free itself from one dependent on domestic consumption.

In the power generation and infrastructure business, JERA will utilize the expertise and know-how accumulated through its overseas and domestic power generation businesses.

In the overseas power generation business, JERA has already participated in IPP projects in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and North America with a total capacity of approx. 6,000 MW. Going forward, JERA will be proactive in developing superior projects in these regions and is considering an expansion of its business in Africa and Latin America.

In the domestic power generation business, JERA is now constructing a new power plant through Hitachinaka Generation and replacing existing TEPCO Fuel & Power plants. When constructing or replacing power plants, JERA will enhance its competitiveness in the domestic market and contribute to lowering both energy costs and environmental impact by introducing high-efficiency equipment, sophisticated thermal power technology, and the global know-how accumulated through participation in the overseas IPP business.

JERA will emerge stronger by offering efficiency and value based on a robust fuel value chain stretching from upstream through downstream to power generation, and will become a global player by forming alliances with leading overseas companies.