Japan Petroleum Exploration Co., Ltd (JAPEX)

Japan Petroleum Exploration Co., Ltd. (JAPEX) is a Japanese oil and gas company mainly engaged in E&P (Exploration and Production), and also conducts business in all phases, not only pstream, but midstream and downstream. We have been conducting extensive exploration activities and producing oil and gas including shale oil in Japan, as well as engaging global oil and gas E&P projects as an operator or a core member taking advantage of our technical strengths in Indonesia (offshore gas), Canada (shale gas and oil sands), Iraq (onshore oil) and other countries.

Our primary business is domestic exploration and production of natural gas over 60 year experience since its establishment, currently operating at about ten gas fields in Hokkaido, Akita, Yamagata and Niigata. Also, the JAPEX group has own gas supply network connecting our fields and an LNG terminal such as pipelines over 800 km of total extension mainly between Niigata and Sendai, and LNG satellite supply by tank trucks and rail transportation for demands of our clients and making the contribution to stable energy supply in Japan.

In the spring of 2018, JAPEX will commence operating the new LNG terminal named “Soma LNG Terminal” which has one of the world’s largest LNG storage tank at Soma port in Fukushima Prefecture located on the Pacific Coast to accelerate and expand our domestic gas supply business through this terminal. Furthermore, we are preparing another project to commence the natural gas-fired power generation business in the spring of 2020 by the construction of the gas-fired power plant next to our LNG terminal at Fukushima. This power generation project will play a significant role in the diversification of our gas business.

JAPEX has the long-term business vision for a decade until the middle of the 2020s that we will make the transformation to “an integrated energy company with a focus on oil and gas E&P.” For the achievement of the vision, we are pursuing to establish new technologies and business field by application of our E&P capabilities such as technologies, insights and experiences. We have been participating the national projects of next generation energy for practical use of methane hydrate or CCS (Carbon dioxide Capture and Storage), and making contributions through our capabilities to develop technologies for commercialization.

We are very pleased to host the Gastech Japan 2017 that is held for the first time in Japan as a member of the hosting consortium, and we hope that this event which is gathering widely global LNG key players will be valuable to all visitors. We in JAPEX are also looking forward to networking and connecting many global players of natural gas, LNG and other energies to develop our business deeper and wider with our E&P capabilities via Gastech Japan 2017.